Lebanon - The Free Patriotic Movement official site / tayyar.org Photo Gallery - March 24, 2007 FPM Women

It is clear that the majority are Christians. Stop claiming that tayyar is a secular group. In all the pictures, only one woman appears with a group.


BBC NEWS | Middle East | Lebanon war image causes controversy
The story behind: "Winner of the World Press Photo. By Spencer Platt (Getty Images)"


BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel, Iran top 'negative list':
"Israel, of course, has long provoked sharp international reactions, and last year was involved in a controversial war in Lebanon."
Switzerland: Trial in Denial of Armenian Genocide - New York Times:
"Dogu Perincek, the head of the nationalist Turkish Workers’ Party, went on trial in Lausanne on a charge that he denied the 1915 Armenian genocide during a speech in the city in 2005, when he called the genocide “an international lie.” A 1995 Swiss law bars denying, belittling or justifying any genocide."


Israeli Troops Place Curfew on West Bank City - New York Times:
"JERUSALEM, Feb. 25 — The Israeli Army put the large West Bank city of Nablus under curfew on Sunday in one of the biggest military operations there in two years..."
This is the first time I read the news from International Herald Tribune before learning about the event from some Middle Eastern source. It felt like thanking the Israeli forces for what they are doing there. It is amazing how the news get crafted in a manner that Israel appears to be the "good guy", hiding all the details of the brutality, savagery, criminality and injustice of the event.


Naharnet News Desk

"Iran and Lebanon are limbs of the same body, but unfortunately the Lebanese part of it is wounded," Ahmadinejad was quoted as telling outgoing Lebanese ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mansour on Friday.


Its_about_time Lebanon.mpg - Google Video


Naharnet News Desk - U.S. Photographer Wins Award for Shot of Bombed-Out Beirut
The chairman of the jury, Michele McNally of the New York Times, described the shot as
"a picture you can keep looking at."



As Crowd Demands Change, Lebanese Premier Is Puzzled - New York Times:
The front of the convention center was filled with Range Rovers, Jaguars and Mercedes-Benzes.
“Everyone is afraid,” said Michel Khoury, a former governor of the central bank, as he left the memorial, a shiny new cellphone pressed to his ear...
Reporting what? Film festival?